Thursday, July 07, 2005


إلى الموت

أيها الموتُ الكريه،
يا عدوَّ الأمس
و صديقَ اليومِ - عُنوةً!-
و خِلسةً
لا سلامَ، و لا كلام
بل رجاءٌ
وعِتابٌ، و خِصام

فيا صديقي
الذي كنتَ بالأمسِ عدوّاً
بالابتسامة الوادعة
أو بالعيون الدامعة
أن تترك الأطفالَ الصغار

هُم يا صديقي
ليسوا كباراً -مثلنا-
كيما يروك
و لا أقوياءَ، و لا أنبياءَ
كي يهزموك!

و ليس في قلبي قسوةٌ تكفي
لكلِّ ليلة
تكسبُ فيها معركتك
مع الصغار...
و لستُ قوياً، و لا نبيّاً
كي أمنعك!

فيا صديقَ اليوم،
يا من كنتَ بالأمس عدوّاً
ارحل عنهم
بعيداً بعيداً
و ابحث هناكَ
عن كبارٍ يصارعوك،
قد تفوزَ
أو يهزموك.

أما أنا و من معي
من الصغار
فارحل عنا
بعيداً بعيداً
يا عدوَّ الأمس اللدود
و صديقَ اليومِ - عُنوةً!-
و خِلسةً


At 10:09 PM, Anonymous Fady W said...

ya sadeiky
kad khasert....
fa2oulaek al se3'ar

lam tasrek menhom...7ayah
bal sarkt menna... el 7ayah
abrya2 ... 3anna ra7alou
ankeya2 bel keloub

ra7lou 3anna bebtesamah
tartasem fawk el shefah
tareka fee 3eyounena damou3en
llefourak ...
ez ra7al el youm 3anna
... malak

At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Fady W said...

also read this experience
for a personne in the same situation

At 9:06 PM, Blogger FROGGY said...

first, begad, i like it. anyway here's what i wanted to say as i promised but with a little delay.
death is a big word, we can't feel it unless we encounter it.
it is always difficult to understand why it comes and to accept it but it is something that we have to face in our lives, maybe some will have to deal with it more than others but at the end, it's one of the things that human can't control totally and u should be glad that at least u can try to save people more than anyone can. this is the biggest reward u can have. but from time to time, it is not possible. i know what i'm saying is just words and things are completely different when we deal with them.
sometimes death is comfort for the very sick, better than to live in terrible pain, but we always see that death is so bad cos it affects who still live afterwards.
the bottom of the line is, when u feel that way, try to think about the good things which may be very difficult to do but it will keep u going on and will give u hope.


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